Swimming Pool Safety

Local laws differ so greatly across the USA regarding fencing and alarms for pools that it is difficult to describe what is required in all of them. In NYS, above ground pools higher than 48″ do not need a separate fence to protect them. Pools of lessor height and in-ground pools need a fence at least 48″ high with a self-closing, self-latching gate. Fences must be un-climbable from outside and gate latches are located inside the gate out of a child’s reach. Access ladders must be placed in the upright locked position or removed from the pool whenever an adult is not present. We are in my jurisdictions very strict about this.

People get one written warning and the 2nd time a court appearance ticket and fine. It takes only a few seconds for your child or a neighbors child to climb up and fall in. We take a time measurement of how long the pool is unattended and once the three minute mark is reached, we ring the doorbell and advise the homeowner that they may have caused the death of a child. Harsh you say? Not if its your child that fell in that pool. It takes only a few seconds to remove the ladder or fold it up. Why take the risk that could cause you a lifetime of grief? Make it a habit. When you leave the pool, lock it up even if your leaving “for only what was going to be a moment”. A moment is all it takes. Phone calls can take minutes not seconds. There are a million distractions and in the mean time your pool is unguarded.

Short story here I had a lady who simply would not remove the ladder from her pool. Despite repeated verbal and written warnings, she left the ladder in the pool over and over again. Each time saying she was “watching ” the pool. One day we recorded a solid 30 minutes of the ladder in the pool and the pool unattended. A knock on the door showed there was no one at home! I left a violation notice in the door and removed the ladder to the Village hall storage garage. Two days later this laides husband came into the office. I expected a ration of grief but instead he thanked me for finally getting her attention. He said he told her a thousand times to remove the ladder and she ignored him. He asked that she be made to go to court and pay a fine before the ladder was returned. His request was granted. In the past 2 seasons, we have not found the ladder in the pool even once unattended. Some people learn the hard way.