You Are Awesome!

Be A Star Because You Are Made of The Same Stuff –

One day in complete and utter darkness of an unfathomable length became interrupted. The darkness was interrupted and couldn’t see like it used to. There was a pin of light that showed up out of nowhere. Where did this light come from? Positive matter has come into existence in the form of gas. As this form expanded and other pins of light joined the first, a great awe-inspiring site was shown as thousands, upon thousands, of millions of these lights began to gather.

After so long planets began surrounding these bright lights of suns. Then water and harder matters were being made. They were made, possibly from a higher intelligence, possibly just through science, it didn’t matter at the time. The fact remains that it was being made in this darkness we call space that had nothing and as if through thought alone life began.

There is yet to be a solid explanation of how life can come from nothingness. There is a spark that appears at some point where there is nothing and then there is something we call life. This happens when a man and woman gets together. There is nothing and then the right chemical mixture occurs and BAM! Beautiful life comes from the female. If you are a female, you create life. You are admired by the male species and loved oh so greatly.

Remember that we come from absolute darkness to create light. How much light are you going to create in this blink of an eye existence? Create as much as you want to because you can. Use other’s that have expertise to help you get where you want to go. The more we help each other the greater our lights can become.

Life is lasting longer and longer and yet when it comes to this made up thing called time it is so short. We need to take advantage of the moment. Living this day out fully will bring your brilliance to this world. What is it that you want to accomplish? My goal with this writing is to inspire you to go out and get what you want in life because now is the only moment that we have to do so.

You have the opportunity to live this great life. How are you going to help further humanity? Being a mother you can absolutely change the face of the world. Being a father you have the opportunity to be a pebble in the pond with your children. We must teach our children because we do not have long. Show them by example. Let us teach our children and save our children because they are worth it.

You have the power of the stars within you. What is stopping you? Burn brightly by living in the moment. Decide that you want to burn brighter. Burn brightly my friends because you are everything. Without your perception there is nothing. Each of our realities are different. Every solitary person has a different experience. What experiences are you going to allow in your life? Allow joy and positivity because that is how the universe was made. Go out and get your dreams today. Make them a reality by living how you truly feel you should be living. This is your life.